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About our business

Fred's Used Websites is a small business doing custom website design. This business is part of a partnership between Frederick J. Richart and Maryjo Faith Morgan.  Fred has been involved in the computer business for the past 30 years. He has experience in a wide array of software development technologies and operating systems; he worked as a software developer and project manager for Hewlett-Packard in Operating System and Network Management Application development.

Fred earned certification as a Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0.

Fred is utilizing this experience to provide you with advanced back-end scripting and database applications. He works with Maryjo who is a working Freelance Writer in her own right, and also Marketing and Customer Service Rep for Fred's Used Websites.  We are pleased to have the talents of graphic designers John Metcalf and Lori Evans at our disposal!

We are organized in the state of Colorado as a limited liability company named Useful Media Planet, LLC, document number 20061221972.

About Us

Fred and Maryjo spent nearly a year and a half in Germany; Fred was working for Hewlett-Packard.

During their "European Sojourn" they did what the locals did, visiting attractions and festivals and making friends. They came back to the States with a broadened perspective of other cultures and a better grasp of history. 

Anita Scheffczyk, a dear friend from those days, has a gift for communicating with animals. She has recently launched a practice working with animals, talking to them telepathically. Her website is filled with fabulous photos of her working with animals and will soon be available in English. However, if you use Google Chrome as your browser, notice the offer to translate the website at the top! It does a fairly good job! 

Her website quotes Charles Darwin:

"The animals feel like a man pleasure and pain, happiness and unhappiness; they are by the same emotions affected as we do."