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Our prices page is intended to provide you with comparative information about the cost of our products and services and are not a price guarantee.  Use this to get an idea about what your website costs will be with us.  Please contact us if you have questions or need a quote.  We can discuss the problem you need solved and can fix a price at that time.


New Websites

The cost of a website can vary dramatically based on the number of pages you want, graphic content, flash, etc.  The following lists some rough pricing for one of our powerful self-managed custom websites.  The actual number of pages on your site isn't a large factor in the cost of your page unless you want us to write the content. You will be able to add or remove pages and easily modify your content using our powerful editor!

Note: we can provide training early in your website development allowing you to begin writing your own content even as we are working on the custom layout for your site.

  • $1500+(1) to build a very simple custom responsive website with provided graphics and design meeting our specific parameters.
  • $2100+ for a more complex responsive website; functionality costs depend on intricacy of graphic design & complexity for implementing that design
  • Custom graphics/logo/branding $350 and up(2)
  • $150 to blend in a WordPress blog so site visitors experience only your website, not going off to another blog site
  • $0/page - you write your own content and meta tags - see how easy it is to use our editor
    or $30/page(3) to load and format page content provided by you electronically
    plus $30/page(4) to customize meta-tags for better SEO
    or $180/page to write and format page content based on an interview (~300 words/page)
  • $240(5) personal training session
  • $15+/year(6) for the domain name
  • $20/month to host the website 
  • $150+ Custom Forms to site-specific collect data (1-10 fill-in boxes); $170 (11-20 fill-in boxes); comes with downloadable accumulative spreadsheet.

(1) Assumes you already have a graphic design.  Design costs can range from $500 - $1500, depending on complexity and are charged on top of basic costs.
(2) You will need to get a quote for custom graphics.
(3) Followup changes and tweaks will be charged at our regular service rate.
(4) We normally customize the home page meta-tags (description and keywords) and that is used for all other pages but it is much better to customize these for every page.
(5) Assumes 2 sessions of 2 hours each at $60/hr.  Depending on your computer skills and willingness to practice before the session, this should be enough time.  We are happy to provide additional training at the hourly rate if needed. Phone calls of less than 15 minutes are free.
(6) Domain pricing varies dramatically from company to company, over time, and by type.  Prices we've seen range from $9 per year up $50 or $60 per year.  Our price is for the common types (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .us).  If you are mainly interested in the cheapest price, you should obtain your own domain name through one of the large companies (Enom, Network Solutions, GoDaddy, etc).  You will need to go in yourself to set the DNS servers for your domain (not hard).

Please contact us with your specifics to get a ballpark estimate.

Existing websites

We also get requests to move your existing website into our environment, converting it to provide you with the same capabilites as our new sites.  We cannot provide our self-managing/editing environment on your existing hosting provider and require that you move your website to our environment.  The following lists some rough pricing for upgrading your current site (appearing exactly as it is) into our powerful self-managed environement.

Our sites use the .php rather than the .html extension (i.e. index.php instead of index.html) and our content management system organizes pages into one or more folders.  This change makes the URL for each of your pages slightly different from your current site.  In order to ensure that your pages already in search engine indexes will still open the correct page on your upgraded site we need to configure page redirections on the server.  The redirections enable the server to recognize the original URL and direct the browser to the correct page on the new site.

With new sites, we normally make your site "live" as the first step in setting it up with the real domain name.  With an existing site we need to set it up on a temporary domain name, then when the new site is ready, we switch over to the new site.  The experience for your site visitors is that one day they see your existing site and the next it is your new site with no down time at all.  This process does require additional effort on our part.

We recommend that if you already have control of your own domain name you keep it that way.  All you need to do is change the name servers on the domain name to enable the switchover to our server environment.  If you don't have control, we will need to transfer your domain to our registrar in order to manage it for you.  The cost to do this transfer is very dependent on the cooperation level of your current registrar.  When transferring we are required to extend the expiration date by one year.  Your cost will be $20 plus whatever time we need to spend to coordinate the transfer from your existing regist

  • $30/page to copy each page's content to the new environment
  • $140 - $240 - 2 hrs. personal training session (depending on complexity)
  • $20/month to host your website


We recommend using WordPress.org software for your blog.  With WordPress, your blog can be incorporated on your existing site -or- you can start a blog on the WordPress.com Blog Site

If you wish to blog only and not have a website your best bet is to create a blog on the WordPress site.  Blogs on the WordPress are free for a very basic blog and for a charge you can obtain Premium Features, such as a shorter URL of your choosing (name@name.com, etc.).  We can setup a basic or premium blog on WordPress.com for you for $150.  We also offer photo editing, banner creation, and trouble-shooting.   Premium features must be purchased separately from WordPress.com.

When you incorporate your WordPress blog on your existing site you get your blog included with the monthly hosting charge you already have for your existing site.  When the blog is located on your site we are able to customize the blog to match your existing site's style.  We can setup WordPress on your site for as little as $150 for the standard WordPress layout or $300-600 to match your site's layout.

E-Commerce (Shopping Cart)

If you wish to do e-commerce with your website, there are a number major factors that will impact the cost.  You can go as simply as a few PayPal "Buy Now" buttons placed on certain pages of your site to a complete shopping cart solution.  A complete solution consists of the following five components

  1. Store front - web pages on your site that showcase each product and provide a link for purchase
  2. Shopping cart - backend processing & page(s) that show/manage product selections and quantity, collect customer name & shipping info, and compute shipping and sales tax
  3. Payment processing module - backend processing & page(s) that collect payment (typically via credit card)
  4. Order notification - backend processing (possibly pages) that notify both you and the customer that the order has been accepted
  5. Order fulfillment process - backend processing to process order (produce invoice and packing slips, notify order processing people of order, manage backorders, notify customer of status (backorders, ship dates, etc), handle returns.


  1. $150 - One-time for each website: initial eCommerce gateway set-up (Authorize.net, PayPal)
  2. $150 - One-time for each website: customize configuration (set up sales tax tables, anything unique to your business)
  3. $250+ One-time per each custom form listing specific items, gives spaces to enter complex set of data regarding product selection, specific items, etc. 1-15 questions. (This customization is optional)

There are literally thousands of companies providing all or some of these features.  The most inexpensive way to get into e-commerce is to use PayPal.  PayPal provides the cart backend, the payment processing (on the PayPal site), and order fulfillment (on PayPal site).  You must have the "store front" implemented on your regular site.  The extra cost to you to have this type of e-commerce can be as low as $0.   Our standard website provides you with the ability to create pages, edit the content of those pages, AND add "Buy Now" and "Add to Cart" buttons.  We can do this for you and typically charge by the time it takes us.  When we creeate the pages for you, it can be as little as $15-20/page if you have all the graphics and word content in a final form.

There are other companies that provide the cart and payment processing (i.e. 1ShoppingCart.com).  For these you typically have a setup charge, a flat monthly charge, and a per-transaction fee.  We can help you setup accounts with these companies and simply charge you for the time involved.

A digital certificate that validates your business is also a good way to make your visitors more comfortable purchasing from you.  See the Certificates section below for more detail.


The following lists prices for the common services we can provide for you.  If you don't see it here, just contact us and we will give you a quote.

  • Hourly Rates for specific types of service.
    • $60/hr text content modifications to your pages.  Please request these changes by by e-mail.
    • $70/hr personal training sessions; travel fees may apply.
    • $75/hr General services on your behalf such as setting up accounts on other services, researching to help you make service selections, etc.
    • $80/hr Consulting to help you configure your e-mail client (i.e Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) to use your account, trouble shoot email problems
    • $80/hr Consulting to trouble shoot your existing website (not hosted by Fred's Used Websites)
    • $80/hr General Consulting with DNS settings, Domain settings, Mail (MX) settings
    • $80/hr Changing the custom layout of your site [1]
    • $80/hr WordPress website maintenance/updates (not hosted by Fred's Used Websites)
    • $80/hr Migrate existing website to Fred's Used Websites' dedicated server
    • $85/hr Remediation for hacked website (not hosted by Fred's Used Websites)
    • $90/hr for custom graphic design such as logos, letterhead, etc.
    • $100/hr[2] custom, server PHP, or javascript development for advanced functionality on your site.
    • Emergency Rates - After Hours/Weekends: As listed above + 33%

  • $3/mile Travel to your location to provide any of the services below.  Mileage will be based on the round trip route and miles indicated on Google maps "Get Directions" from our door to yours.
  • $75 Install a digital certificate on your site to enable secure transations.  Note: this also requires a dedicated IP costing an additional $2/month on your hosting.
  • $25 Purchase a digital certificate on your behalf from the Authority of your choice.  You may also purchase certificates from us without this charge - see Certificates below.  Depending on the level of the certificate, you may still need to provide information to that Authority to be approved.
  • $25 Add an object that has been created by another developer to one of your web pages, such as a video or audio clip.
  • $70/hr Convert audio or video provided by you for direct listening or viewing from your site.  Note: compression is used to reduce the size of the audio or video to enable downloading on slower connections.
  • $150/page to write and format page content for you based on an interview (~300 words/page).
  • $30/page to customize the page meta-tags to match each page content (improves SEO)
  • $30 Create an e-mail account on your website - you provide us with name/password. All support for these accounts (help with client setup, spam control, forgotten passwords, troubleshooting, etc) is provided at the $80/hr rate..
  • $50 Restore a regular page from the last daily backup. Our backups occur every night at approximately 4am mountain time.
  • $150 Restore a page from an earlier backup.  We retain daily backups of your web pages for one month and a backup done on the 1st and 15th for one year.

[1] Each page on your website uses a selectable custom layout that controls the overall look of that page.  Your website has at least one custom layout and can have as many as we create. You select the desired layout when you create a new page or modify an existing one.  Different layouts can dramatically change the look of any given page.

[2] This often can be negotiable depending on whether this would be attractive to other clients!  The powerful functionality you get with our Content Management System has often been developed based on a specific need of a particular client.  If you need a certain type of functionality that we currently don't have and could make available as part of our CMS, we have discounted development costs as much as 50% to 100%.


We are reseller of SSL Certificates.  The prices for these certificate packages are constantly changing, so please call.  In addition to the certificate cost, there is an installation fee of $75.  Purchasing certificated for multiple years is very cost effective as the price/year of the certificate gets cheaper and you will only incur the installation charge once for the multi-year period. 

Each level of the certificate requires a certain amout of verification about you and your business - the greater the protection/validation the more verification is required.  The certificate essentially provides a level of proof to your customers that your business can be trusted for online purchases.

  • EssentialSSL Certificate: provides domain validation but does not validate the business behind the online business.
    These are now free.

Call for current prices on the following:

  • InstantSSL Certificate: 128 bit SSL Certificates designed for securing leading web sites, as well as intranets and extranets. Trusted by over 99.3% of current Internet browsers, InstantSSL is the professional solution to securing your web server. InstantSSL Certificates carry a warranty of $10,000.

  • Instant SSL Pro Certificate: 128 bit SSL Certificates designed for securing leading web sites, as well as intranets and extranets. Trusted by over 99.3% of current Internet users, Instant SSL Pro Certificates are an ideal and low cost way of securing your webserver. These Certificates carry a new increased warranty of $100,000

  • Instant SSL Premium Certificate: 128 bit SSL Certificates designed for securing leading web sites, as well as intranets and extranets. Trusted by over 99.3% of current Internet users, Premium SSL is the professional solution to securing your webserver. These Certificates carry a warranty of $250,000.

  • EV SSL Certificate: Extended Validation Certificates are designed to provide visitors with the green "good to go" browser indicator when visitors go to a secure page.  Until now, customers had no visible online indication confirming that you are a verifiable business. But the new EV SSL Certificate works with the latest releases of the major browsers so that now your consumers can verify you and your identity.

    Extended Validation SSL certificates protect users from doing business with unauthenticated web merchants. Simply, EV SSL certificates are the new type of certificate that provide rigorous authentication for a business' identity. This extended validation is given to online businesses that can be verified through evolved and secured authentication processes. If your site can be identity verified (and a competitor's site can not) customers are likely to trust you more. This competitive advantage translates into reduced visitor abandonment rates, improved conversions, higher revenue per transaction and higher lifetime customer value. In the world of e-commerce, establishing trust is mission critical because when you win your customer's trust, you win their business.