Overview Page 

Member Attributes Example

Your attributes are an important way for you to describe your credentials, areas of expertise, and other descriptive information that will help someone searching our directory to find the member most suited to their needs.  Typically you should list things separated by commas in the appropriate box.  The areas listed are those that our organization believes can best describe its membership.

This information is listed with your name in the directory so be sure it is concise and complete.  Below you will see an example of a writer's information and below that what a visitor will see in the directory.

The member attribute information is only displayed if you have opted to be listed in the directory by checking the box next to "List my name in the online directory".  NOTE: You do not have an option to list your names but not your attributes.

Take a look at the screen clipping below of the results of a directory search.  Note the descriptive information below the phone number... 

Screen clipping of an example listing in directory

...now look at the member attribute setting that produced the attribute information.  Note that for those attributes that are not relevant to you, just leave them blank and it will not be part of your listing.

Screen clipping of attribue edit dialog